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The Forest #7

Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, Bandung. 2013.

Taken with Yashica FX3 Super + Fujifilm Superia

Pepy & Jo's Wedding Day

14 September 2013

Perhaps it’s the most beautiful day for Jo (Yanuar Pratama F.) and Pepy, and just like the long yawn, happiness is surely contagious. We felt all the smile and warmth that morning.

Pepy & Jo's Wedding Day

Pepy & Jo's Wedding Day

Pepy & Jo's Wedding Day

Pepy & Jo's Wedding Day

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One Afternoon in the Playground

Our love of playground started way back in childhood. As kids, we would beg our parents to let us play with all of its rides to our little hearts content. So imagine our excitement when we discovered a temporary playground near our neighborhood last week.

The playground is only operated at certain month, usually when it’s on long school holiday like now and always crammed full of people of all ages. Even though all of its arcades were not the most sophisticated ones (it was operated completely by human-power, how cool is that?), it didn’t stop us from having the best fun possible!

The Playground



The Structure

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Portrait 1

Portrait 1

Bandung, March 2013

Pentax K1000 + Fujifilm Superia 200

A. H. Rasyid

There’s one person that always crossed our mind when we thought of dreams and passions. She is Ariana Hayyulia Rasyid and we call her Nana. She’s our high school friend but Oslo knew her since elementary school.

She’s into photography. She likes to documented everything, thus she joined POTRET (Parahyangan University’s photography club) when she’s in college. She and her fellow POTRET’s friends held some photography workshops and exhibitions. Check her portfolio here.

In February 2011, she made a blog along with Nathania Gabriele and Aulia Fitrisari, Laugh On The Floor (LOTF). They called themselves Miss Flamingo. They write about nearly everything from profile of creative peoples to bands, from music gigs to art exhibitions, from travel stories to cool-things, etc.

Now, she works as a food journalist at, a food-related portal website. She makes reviews about the restaurants or cafés and its foods. And we’ve got the chance to see how she works (thanks for the treat, Na :p).


“Seek and you shall find.” - Geoffrey Day-Lewis


For us she’s a very passionate and cheerful friend, The Moffatts and 4Peniti’s die-hard fan, and a true dreamer. Traveling around the globe, documenting music concerts all around the world in photos, and having a perfect house (there’s a bookshop, cake shop and toy shop inside her future house!) are some of her dreams. She even draws her future perfect house for us.

She’s halfway in fulfilling all of her dreams and we believe she’ll living her dreams soon enough.

A. H. Rasyid

A. H. Rasyid

A. H. Rasyid

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