The Forest

The Forest #2

The Forest #5

The Forest #8

The Forest #6

The Forest #3

The Forest #4

The Forest #7

Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, Bandung. 2013.

Taken with Yashica FX3 Super + Fujifilm Superia

One Afternoon in the Playground

Our love of playground started way back in childhood. As kids, we would beg our parents to let us play with all of its rides to our little hearts content. So imagine our excitement when we discovered a temporary playground near our neighborhood last week.

The playground is only operated at certain month, usually when it’s on long school holiday like now and always crammed full of people of all ages. Even though all of its arcades were not the most sophisticated ones (it was operated completely by human-power, how cool is that?), it didn’t stop us from having the best fun possible!

The Playground



The Structure

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Field Trip Pasar Burung Sukahaji

The Bird House Project is in few weeks. We’re pretty excited to brainstorm the ideas for our birdhouse. We already have a design in our head and we’re hoping it would be a decent one for our feathery friends. And for this, both of us attempted to learn the skills to make ourself a bit used to with woodworking so that we could make the birdhouse by ourself (finger-crossed!).

We’ve done a bit of further research (or in our terms, field trip :p) to Pasar Burung Sukahaji. As we enters, the sound of a hundred different birds assail the senses. It was the most charming little market full of twittering, fluffy, and cheeping birdies. They were all so adorable and has such lovely colors. As we sightseeing, they’re all chirping from every side of the market. It was fun!

Pasar Burung Sukahaji

People at Pasar Burung Sukahaji

Bird Food

The Birds

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A Day With Animals

Animal #1

Animal #4

Animal #3

Animal #2

Dahulukan Satwa Melintas

Animal #5

Animal #5

Animal #6

Animal #7

Animal #12

Animal #8

Animal #9

Staff #1

Animal #10

Animal #11

Orang Utan & His Trainer

Mia & Kijing

Staff #2

Picnic #1


Picnic #2

Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor. 2012.

Taken with Yashica FX3 Super + Kodak Colorplus, Lucky Color

Psychogeography № 2

It was one sunny Sunday afternoon and we had a sudden idea of an afternoon stroll. We start from Dago (Ir. H. Djuanda) street, enjoying our walk down the road, then we decided to stop by at the City Hall. The City Hall is particularly empty in the afternoon and we had a little picnic whilst imagining us as tourists in our own city. It was fun!


A Map



Taxi Driver





The sclupture




Our Picnic Snacks

Sunny Sunday


Inspired by Frankie magazine issue 51 article by Eleanor Robertson / Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super & Pentax K1000 + Kodak Colorplus