Psychogeography № 1

Psychogeography is the idea of leisure for its own sake. It’s a meaningful and valuable activity, actively encouraging aimless, daydreamy wandering, it turns urban spaces into objects of wonder rather than simply points between A and B. Most people go where they need to go by taking the most efficient route possible. Try to become an observer, someone who experiences urbanity for its own sake, doesn’t hurry through the streets and passageways but enjoy being in them for purpose and with some luck, you can experience a bunch of cool things happening.

A couple of months ago, me and Morrie took a random stroll in the afternoon from ABC, Alkateri, Cikapundung, Progo to Cipunagara. The sun was high, the walk was nice and we had fun wander around and encountered a different part of the usual surroundings of the city.

Pick your camera and go for a walk, pretend you’re a tourist in your own city. Pay attention to what you see and how you feel about it. Watch people around you, interacting with the same landscape in different ways and remember to take pictures because we’ll be interested in what you find :)

Jl. Cikapundung Barat

Windows (Jl. Cikapundung Barat)

Jl. Cikapundung

Jl. ABC via Banceuy

Old Building (Jl. Alkateri)

Jl. Alkateri

Jl. Alkateri

Jl. Alkateri

Jl. Alkateri

Breakfast at Kopi Purnama (Jl. Alkateri)

Breakfast at Kopi Purnama (Jl. Alkateri)


Redjo Bookstore (Jl. Cipunagara)

Redjo Bookstore (Jl. Cipunagara)

43 (Jl. Cipunagara)

Fence (Jl. Cipunagara)

Lunch at Hummingbird (Jl. Progo)

Lunch at Hummingbird (Jl. Progo)


Inspired by Frankie magazine issue 51 article by Eleanor Robertson / Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super + Kodak Colorplus

Kou Cuisine

There’s one shop I’ve been curious in years. It’s small but well-known shop located in Ubud, Bali and our last day in there we spent to searched for this shop.

After always-follow-the-map-for-directions (we don’t know Ubud area that well), the wrong turn actually lead us straight to the Kou Cuisine shop (thanks God!). The kind shop-keeper welcomed us with her warm greeting (oh, and she speaks Japanese fluently) and we were mesmerized with its simple interior. The jam jars and the salt jars arranged neatly in the shelf along with the other cute knick-knacks like postcards, totebag, wooden spoon, etc. My eyes fixed straight to the tester table (hehehe). All of the jams tasted heavenly and after I tasted all the flavors available, I decided to bought the Milk Caramel Jam (it was labelled the most favorite flavor of all and Oslo’s favorite too!), Apple Cinnamon Jam (my favorite flavor of jam, ever!) and Kusamba Sea Salt (the sea salt harvested in Kusamba, in northern part of Bali).

The Jars

The Kind Shop Keeper

The Tester Table

Kou Cuisine

more photos after the jump!

Let's Get Lost: Bali #2

Continuing our trip in Bali, all 14 of us decided to visit other beaches around Uluwatu, in southern part of Bali. First, we went to Padang-Padang Beach, a beautiful but secluded beach behind the cliff. Poor us, it was packed with fellow tourists that day and within 5 minutes there, we decided to go to the other beach near in the area, Balangan Beach.

The next day, me, Morrie, and the other six guys went to Ubud, while the others snorkeled at Amed Beach. Morrie found a must-visit-place there, a small jam shop called Kou Cuisine. The place is so simple yet lovely, our upcoming post is specially dedicated to this cute shop.

14 of us

Balangan Beach

The Local Canine #3

Looking for Kumang


The Local Canine #2

11 of us


Rue de Hanoman

The Local Canine #1


Rebellion Gang


Au Revoir

Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 and Canon Powershot

We Found: Seashells

Morrie loves beach so much, she always have soft spot for anything summer. Getting all excited like a kid with a cheerful smile, she could spent hours playing in the beach.

The first beach we went to is Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali. Since we didn’t bring our swimsuits, Morrie decided to walk along the beach, play with the waves and found some seashells (she picks some of them for herself), while I took some photographs (mostly of her :p).

Walk Along The Beach

The Local Canine

Found Some Seashells

The Seashells

These are the seashells Morrie collected from Echo Beach, my favorite is the spiral one, with the brown lines around it. :)

Taken with Yashica FX-3 2000, Canon PowerShot.

Let's Get Lost: Bali #1

Om Swastyastu*,

How are you, people? We’re home! The holiday was fun and the best part is we visited some new places we never been before in Bali. We traveled along with my co-worker from House The House, some of them is also Morrie’s friends from college.

Airport Bus

Radit & Panda


Deus Ex Machina

The Three Beach Boys


Echo Beach

PotatoHead Beach Club


At Echo Beach, Morrie found seashells and she took some of them as a reminder of beautiful beaches in Bali. See Morrie’s seashells in our upcoming post! :)

Om Swastyastu is a Balinese greeting, (roughly) means “peace and greetings from God”  /  Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, Pentax K1000, and Canon Powershot