Breakfast in The Woods

Last Saturday, me and Morrie planned to have a breakfast outdoor and we decided to go to Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda. It was Morrie’s first time to go there, so we explored the forest a bit and documented some of natures best with our analog camera.

If you’re wondering, why we carry an old-school beauty case to the forest? Well, we had an idea to use this vintage case as a picnic bag and turns out, it was quite roomy for a loft of garlic breads, pack of cheese, some cutleries and cups for two :)

Pine fruit

Our picnic "bag"


The foods

The breakfast



The woods #1

The woods #2

We enjoyed our homemade garlic breads while having the warmest conversations throughout the day surrounded by trees. It was a lovely morning spent with my lovely partner.

Jogjakarta #2

Details of Fort Vredeburg

For the next day, we decided to take a stroll along Jogjakarta’s famous sight-seeing. On the first stop, we explored Malioboro Street (our recommendation is to walk down the road to the end of the street because there’s a lot of street vendors selling traditional and unique stuff). At the end of Malioboro, we visited Fort Vredeburg for the first time, it became a museum that filled with dioramas and replicas of Indonesia’s history. The things we love about Fort Vredeburg are the architecture and its details.

In the middle of our stroll, we got curious with an alley beside Beringharjo market because there are lots of street vendors that sell secondhand knick-knacks so we decided to explore it. Our favorite vendor is the one who sells a bunch of old cassettes and we found the AC/DC cassette from 1986. (Hell yeah!)

General of the Army Raden Soedirman


Affandi Museum

Old cassettes

Horse Carriage

We fall in love with Jogjakarta because of the foods (you should try the Angkringan!), the architectures, the people and how the traditional culture still take part in their everyday life. Jogjakarta is the most humble city we ever traveled, yet!

Jogjakarta #1

Back in June 2012, we suddenly decided to take a short trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Packed enough clothes for days then we hopped on a midnight train from Stasiun Bandung (Bandung’s train station) and after about 10 hours of serial stops on every train stations along the way with no proper sleep, we’re finally made it to Jogjakarta. We’re tired as hell but still managed to get all excited while figured the directions with no map on our hands.

After countless wrong-turn and we-think-we-should-ask-someone-the-direction-but-too-confident-we-were-right, we made it to Prawirotaman street and planned to stay for 3 nights at ViaVia Guesthouse. They had the best service and comfiest room, each named after islands in Indonesia. (We got ourself the Sulawesi room)

Then we visited Water Castle cafe, got lost because it was secluded between alleys around royalty’s bath-house complex (would recommended pineapple pancake with secang tea for breakfast). Their unique interior filled with photographs and paintings taken by its owner and several artists. Oh and check out their toilet, you’ll be surprised! ;p

And later we visited Tembi Rumah Budaya gallery and had lunch there. We recommended to bring your swimsuits because they have a swimming pool surrounded by rice fields. Perfect to take a dip in a sunny afternoon!

We enjoyed our first day of the trip so much and documented some of Jogjakarta’s interesting parts. Enjoy!

Water Castle #1

Water Castle 2

Ride bicycle

Pineapple pancake with secang tea

Tembi Rumah Budaya