Happy Eid al-Fitr, everybody.
Have a graceful, blissful and peaceful one with your family and friends.

Taken with Instax 210

Instax 210

Bits of life through another viewfinder.

Taken with Instax 210

When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo / www.morrieandoslo.com

Watching the sky outside is mostly an exercise in wonder. The feeling of grass under our feet and the sight of darkening sky with burnt orange hues. The day can be still or breezy; it will soon be just a memory.

Capturing the sky on film is about embracing the unpredictable weather. The grey clouds pile up around the golden sun, poured down from the sky at the end of the day for the night is upon us. These series are our attempt to replicate the experience. So, let us enjoy all the beautiful sky every day while we can.

This sets of sky were captured in several days on January 2015 at exactly 5.30-6pm.

When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo / www.morrieandoslo.com

When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo / www.morrieandoslo.com

When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo / www.morrieandoslo.com

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Taken by Morrie
EOS 5 + Fujifilm Superia 200 Exp. 2008

2014 in review

Hurrah! We’ve made it through another year and it’s been a pretty damn special one too, full of adventures and loads of happy moments to send our hearts a-flutter, and we’re so glad we could share it all with you along the way.

As the sun will rise on a new year, we’d like the thank every single one of you for supporting us over the past twelve months. We’ve been thinking a lot about what we want for ourself, and what we want for Morrie and Oslo, in this new year. It’s always a good time to reflect on what we’d like to do more of, what we’d like to do less of, and what we’d like to try out or experiment with. For the last several years, we’ve been anti-New Year’s resolutions. We felt like we were telling ourself to do the same things year after year, and that they should be things we work on all the time, not just at the beginning of the year. But lately we’ve come back around, and we think the best way to improve ourself is to tell someone else about our resolutions. It kind of keeps us in check. So this year we’ve decided that in addition to reminding ourself of some things we need to do better.



1. Keep it simple.
We always have to remind ourself of the things we love to do, to enjoy every little things in life and be grateful of everyday’s adventures. We’ve learned to appreciate the simple things a little more, because the best memories often come from the everyday.



2. Forget the comparison.
As much as we don’t want to do it, and as much as we know it’s not good for us, we need to be better at not comparing ourself to others. Someone is always going to be smarter, more talented, a better multi-tasker, and more successful. We need to remember what our talents and strengths are, and let them stand out.


Reading lights

3. Welcome change.
We are terrible with change but sometimes (oftentimes), change is good, and brings with it a new perspective or a better way of doing things, even though it feels really uncomfortable at first. We have a feeling we’ll always be working on this one, but c’mon change, we’re ready for ya!



4. Cook more.
Learn more about things we love the most, food! What goes well with what, discover what our favorite herbs are, be able to whip up something delicious from scratch in 15 minutes. A skill that will serve us, and the people we cook for, well.



5. Take more photos.
Either our projects or to document our daily life. The results don’t have to be amazing, but we’d like to learn more about photography and what our camera can actually do.



6. Get out more!
Boy oh boy can we be a homebody sometimes. Not sometimes, pretty much all the time. But this year we’d like to get out more and what better place than our own city, Bandung, and surrounds?


All in all 2014 was such an amazing year for us, it has take us to the very exciting directions with our life, so many milestones were met and so many great experiences were thrown our way. We can’t be grateful enough and we hope for a fraction of the same goodness for 2015, so here’s to that! We think 2015 will be a goodie.

Happy New Year, everyone! May the following year will bring a lot of exciting things for all of you.

Taken with Octopus Camera, Ricoh KR10 + Lucky BW 100 (Oslo). Somewhere in Bandung