A Postcard From

A Postcard From

Our origami

A very cute postcard from Shinta came in our mailbox the other day. It’s illustrated with a very meticulous and detailed descriptions on how to make crane, origami-way. We tempted to make one ourself. Our first try were pretty much off, it looks like it had fractures in all of its body but our second attempt were quite close to its supposed to shape, we gave ourself a little pat in each other back. Morrie made the brown one and the purple in the right is Oslo’s.

Thank you Shinta, for making our afternoon quite papery fun!

Idea Channel

We’re interviewed by Idea Channel Indonesia. Thanks, guys!

The Package from Gudily

Good news always came unexpected, or in this case, an unexpected package! Veronica, the lovely lady behind Gudily, sent us this little sweet bundle of happiness weeks ago. It filled with all goodies that can make our inner crafty maniacs squealed with happiness. They asked us to have fun with these and being the dears they are, of course we couldn’t say no.

We’re having a wonderful time brainstorming on what would we make with these super-cute goodies. Some ideas came to our mind. But we’re finally decided on one that actually makes us jumping with joy. Clue is, it’s something that we’re always love to do and we’ve been dying to make a working one ourself. Finger-crossed it’ll turn out good. Until then, ciao!

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“This nation will remain the land of the free only as long as it is the home of the brave.”  -  Elmer Davis

Happy 68th Independence Day to our homeland.
Dirgahayu Indonesia!

Dheg Dheg Plat 5

Dheg Dheg Plat is one-of-a-kind music forum, initiated by Anto Arief, Idhar Resmadi, Rimba Patria, and Budi Warsito, to invites music lovers to gather, bring his/her favorite vinyl and tells the story behind it.

Last Friday, they visited House The House’s studio. From Native Son, Prambors Band, to Hall & Oates, the soothing yet unique typical sound of the vinyls encourage us to just sit back and listen to its tunes. In this 5th event, they invited Morgue Vanguard aka Herry “Ucok” Sutresna, one of veteran in Bandung’s underground music scene, to play and tell the story of his favorite vinyls from Public Enemy.

Here are some snaps from Dheg Dheg Plat Vol. 5.

Budi Warsito


Herry Kurniawan

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