Let's Get Lost: Sydney

Morrie had just come back from her short trip in Sydney and boy oh boy, did she learning to love that city. She absolutely adore the architectures of the town,especially around Paddington and Darlinghurst area. It has that whole urban-slash-vintage quirkiness that so appeals to her. All the friendly greetings from the locals, the neighborhood parks, their spic-and-span buses, and the finger-lickin foods were some of the things she said that really made her trip memorable. And the thing that always gets her about the birds in Sydney are all these parrots and seagulls flying around loose and being all native and free. It’s unnatural!

She loved to hit the pavement and started walking, it’s one of the best ways to get around town and really become immersed in the local life. She walked up along the Oxford Street and made a pleasant walk through scenic alleyways and quiet streets lined with terraces, artists studios, boutiques, sidewalk cafes and many local bookstores up to the Hyde Park. Sydney really grabbed a hold of her heart. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Below are some of the photos that she snapped whilst being all touristy :p

The Bus


Hey, there!



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Morrie & Oslo + Gudily: Pinhole Camera

It’s finally here! After a lot of researching, prototyping, frequent wrong-cutting, and a constant hoping there may be enough spare moments in our weekend to get our fingers moving and our brain full of crafty delights, we have finally polished up our 35mm pinhole camera and it turns out so well, we couldn’t be happier! And the goodies from Gudily is the perfect adornment for the cutesy factor, hands down.

We took a stroll through the park with our patterned pinhole camera. When the sun is high, then it’s time for an adventure with a camera in your pocket and the whole city free for your imaginations up on your sleeves.

Keep an eye for the upcoming post. It will be featured with other Gudily goodness, we just can’t stop playing with these beauts. And by the way, it’s really is the perfect time for picnic, isn’t it? :p

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Work in Progress: Morrie & Oslo x Gudily Pinhole Camera

Work in Progress: Morrie & Oslo x Gudily Pinhole Camera

We’ve always had a soft spot for camera, particularly the analogue one, ever since we could remembered. The mechanism inside, the crisp sound of its shutter button, and the tone and feel of the processed film. And the thought of making a camera by ourselves seemed like a doable project and blablabla long story short, we’ve decided to make a working pinhole camera ourselves from scratch. The other main reason for this project is so that we can get to play with the super-cute goodies that Gudily has sent over in the last few months.

Anyway, here is the progress that we are currently working on so far. Hope it came out fine and working :)


The Package from Gudily

Good news always came unexpected, or in this case, an unexpected package! Veronica, the lovely lady behind Gudily, sent us this little sweet bundle of happiness weeks ago. It filled with all goodies that can make our inner crafty maniacs squealed with happiness. They asked us to have fun with these and being the dears they are, of course we couldn’t say no.

We’re having a wonderful time brainstorming on what would we make with these super-cute goodies. Some ideas came to our mind. But we’re finally decided on one that actually makes us jumping with joy. Clue is, it’s something that we’re always love to do and we’ve been dying to make a working one ourself. Finger-crossed it’ll turn out good. Until then, ciao!

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Portrait 2

Bandung, April 2011

Yashica MF2 + Kodak Gold 200