The Detail

Do you love receiving handwritten letters from a faraway friend, hearty package from your pen-pal or a meaningful postcard from your traveller buddy? Well, we’re sucker for them. Because the fact that your letter would cheer someone up was quite elating.

Well, we assume people still do send them despite all these techie ways of keeping in touch, otherwise post offices would be long gone, right? So we’re thinking, how about making some postcards with the edible theme for Keuken, since we’ll be having the event in less than 2 weeks? To say we thrilled would be an understatement.

The process of making them was much fun. We only prepared 10 bundles for every set. There’s 3 sets of four postcard consist of 1 veggies series and 1 fruits series (there’s 3 different illustration in every series), along with 1 spices and 1 picnic theme included in every pack. And the best part is they’ll be available for sale at Keuken‘s merch stand. We jumped right on in a heartbeat.

10 x 15 cm postcards with address lines
watercolor illustration printed on 250 gsm HVS paper

The Postcard Set #1

The Postcard Set #2

The Postcard Set #3

The Postcards

Preparing The Postcards

The Packaging

The Postcard Set



p.s. We’ll be happy to send you one of our illustrated postcard. Just leave a message with your address on and we’ll send it to you as soon as possible.

Have a great week everyone!

Portrait 1

Portrait 1

Bandung, March 2013

Pentax K1000 + Fujifilm Superia 200

Let's Get Lost: Bali #2

Continuing our trip in Bali, all 14 of us decided to visit other beaches around Uluwatu, in southern part of Bali. First, we went to Padang-Padang Beach, a beautiful but secluded beach behind the cliff. Poor us, it was packed with fellow tourists that day and within 5 minutes there, we decided to go to the other beach near in the area, Balangan Beach.

The next day, me, Morrie, and the other six guys went to Ubud, while the others snorkeled at Amed Beach. Morrie found a must-visit-place there, a small jam shop called Kou Cuisine. The place is so simple yet lovely, our upcoming post is specially dedicated to this cute shop.

14 of us

Balangan Beach

The Local Canine #3

Looking for Kumang


The Local Canine #2

11 of us


Rue de Hanoman

The Local Canine #1


Rebellion Gang


Au Revoir

Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 and Canon Powershot

We Found: Seashells

Morrie loves beach so much, she always have soft spot for anything summer. Getting all excited like a kid with a cheerful smile, she could spent hours playing in the beach.

The first beach we went to is Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali. Since we didn’t bring our swimsuits, Morrie decided to walk along the beach, play with the waves and found some seashells (she picks some of them for herself), while I took some photographs (mostly of her :p).

Walk Along The Beach

The Local Canine

Found Some Seashells

The Seashells

These are the seashells Morrie collected from Echo Beach, my favorite is the spiral one, with the brown lines around it. :)

Taken with Yashica FX-3 2000, Canon PowerShot.


Early this year, Ardo Ardhana from Normal-Form offered us to be one of the blog’s contributors. The contents are about photography, music, culture, event, architecture, and general interest. It’s such an honor to take part in this project.

We shared our 2013 calendar from our blog as our first post.  For the next posts we’re gonna make something entirely different. It’s gonna be fun! :)


Normal-Form is a collective based in Bandung, Indonesia, set up in 2011. The variety of background has lead products practice to emphasize on the close collaboration between diverse disciplines. Normal-Form works with projects ranging from print, book publishing, exhibition design, film, events and educational workshops.

We also run a small medium that contain doses of daily information that covering Music, Art and Design, Lifestyle, and Miscellaneous Information. Beside that, please check our small store at our home page. Normal-Form evolved from an overwhelming obsession and passion for well-designed objects.

We provide a wide range curated collection of used, new old stock items, and sometimes hard to find products that are hand-picked for their superb level of design and quality. This includes the best independent local brands. Only high quality goods sought after, we’re very picky when it comes to this, so you can always expect a consistent standard in what we offer.


p.s: Check out the store and all the vintage things they have. Wish-list!! (we crave anything old-school)


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