KEUKEN #2: The Flavorsome Intimacy

A few weeks to go for the most anticipated fourth, yet we could still relieved the merriness of the previous Keuken. We experienced a day when the usual street shut down from vehicular traffic and all the stands and stalls offering every delicacy imaginable and the live cooking stage you could drooled just from taking a single whiff, with a day-long live entertainment spilled onto the sidewalks from the earliest morning till down. The crowds were tremendous, even the sudden rain in the afternoon couldn’t stop people from pouring down all the stands available. It’s hard to say no for delicious food, really. Believe us, we tried.

Below are some of the pictures of Keuken #2, The Flavorsome Intimacy. You can see the past line-up here. In the meantime, we’re preparing something special for Keuken #4. Can’t wait to share them all with you :)



Keuken's Picnic Mat

Teman Sebangku

People #4

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The MC

K. R. Arfianto

People #1

Chef Muto


Blue Band

Happy Cow

The Trash Bin

From The Bike Bar

The Bike Bar

DJ Set

Payung Teduh

Lukman Gunawan

Open Grill


People #2

People #3

Make Lemonade!


D. N. Ryan



Chef Downey's

KEUKEN #2: The Flavorsome Intimacy


Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super + Kodak Colorplus / Video courtesy of Keuken