Keuken #4, The Jolly Camaraderie

We’re super stoked to be there at the event again last Sunday. It was sunny all day, the perfect kind of setting for a festive times. The guys from House The House had a change of scene and despite of street, for Keuken #4 The Jolly Camaraderie, they took over one day at an unused train warehouse, at Gudang Persediaan PT KAI Cikudapateuh Bandung, from 8 am till 10 pm.

There are heaps of foods, drinks, and anything edibles stands lined-up, offering some serious delights. We couldn’t decided which one to try first, because they’re all so mouthwateringly tempting. And we’re finally get a chance to see Jirapah on stage. Then DJ Bergas made some you-will-move-your-head-unconsciously-up-and-down-to-the-beats tunes while we nibbled on some freebie bites from chefs and cooks at Kitchen Stage. We can’t say no to a free food really, especially when it’s so damn (pardon our word) tasty. And as the night grew closer, the crowds became packed with people looking for a good time with company. Thus, we’ve had a ridiculously good time there, noon till dawn.

If you by any chance missed the event, we’re pretty excited to give you a little snapshot of all the festivity. Until then, see you at Keuken #5!

Spice & Spaces Booth

Spasiba Jam by Itsnieworld

Spice & Spaces Booth

Special Tenant

Hana Prinantina Malasan

more food, food, food, err… I mean photos after the jump!


The Tenants

Yanuar Pratama

Cocon Snoep

Ariana H. Y.

Open Table

Open Table

Our New Friend

Bin Ukon

Mia - Kijing

Odie Jamil

Chef Afit from Holy Cow

Our Fave! Holy Cow Steak

DJ Ardos from

Andi, Paskal, Danny




Reclaim The Street, Eat!

House The House

Sate Soemo by Selaras

Pizza E Birra

Cutlery Case by Imagery Bags & Carry Goods

Cotton Candy

Imong, Sakti, Agam

By Kenny Soeriatmadja from Bin Ukon

Open Table

Life is...



Let Me Cool You Down, Baby

Anto Arief "70's Orgasm Club"

Gianni Porto

DJ Bergas


The Crowds

The Crowds