Keuken Behind The Scenes at House The House HQ

Me and my co-workers at House The House are currently working on an upcoming KEUKEN #4. In short, KEUKEN is a one-day curated food festival in the public space. It will be held around June and we are preparing for the best, ever!

These are the brains behind KEUKEN. They responsible for everything, from identity to sponsors. Below are some behind-the-scenes snaps when they had a meeting last Friday at House The House HQ.

The Team #1

H. Akbar / Ucok

The Team #3

P. L. Malasan

Untitled #1

The Team #5

The Moodboard

Untitled #2

The Team #4

A. W. Putri

The Identity #1

The Team #7

The Team #6

The Team #2