Surprise Stove: An Aftertoon Picnic at Taman Cibeunying

Last Sunday, our friends from KEUKEN held an afternoon picnic Surprise Stove at Cibeunying Park, Bandung. This is a pre-event of KEUKEN #4: The Jolly Camaraderie, that will be held on June  2013.

Even though the weather didn’t look good, black clouds were filling the sky and the rain started to pour at the very start, it didn’t deter the plans. Thankfully the weather held up and the sun came out to play, and we had some lovely picnic weather for the rest of the afternoon. The cooking performance started by the guys from Sharee with their worker soup, TAMARA (Thasa and Rara) made us some churros, open grill by Selaras, the snacks from Eat On, and beverages by Rumble Tea and Lemon Tree. And the best part was, it’s all free! Happy tummy all around :)

It was a little chilly at first, but the food and company made up for it for the rest of the day. A perfect way to spent our Sunday with friends.

The Picnic Bag


The Preparation


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The Ingredients

The Apron

The Recipe

The Baby Potatoes

Cibeunying Park #2

Surprise Stove

Soemo Satay

Open Grill

People #1

People #2

People #8

Jelly Shot

People #9

People #6

People #7

People #3

The Dirty Feet

Music #1

Music #2

People #5


Cibeunying Park #1

TAMARA (Thasa and Rara)



People #4


The Mixture