The Travel Almanac 5th Edition

It’s that time of the year when we start dreaming of one perfect holiday. Instead of being trapped in a big chunks of boring daily routine, we’d rather have the sand between our toes and the feel of foreign scents in the air.

So it’s no surprise that we came across this particular travel zine while having a quick holiday escape in the world wide web. It’s a little case of a-love-at-the-first-sight-with-the-cover kinda thing (we already mentioned on our previous post before, we’re the judge-the-book-by-its-cover people. Literally). We’re getting inspired by its contents and their way of interviewing. But then again, it’s still a rather cool reminder for having a sudden trip somewhere exciting. Another must have good reads on our shelf :)

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“This nation will remain the land of the free only as long as it is the home of the brave.”  -  Elmer Davis

Happy 68th Independence Day to our homeland.
Dirgahayu Indonesia!

Field Trip Pasar Burung Sukahaji

The Bird House Project is in few weeks. We’re pretty excited to brainstorm the ideas for our birdhouse. We already have a design in our head and we’re hoping it would be a decent one for our feathery friends. And for this, both of us attempted to learn the skills to make ourself a bit used to with woodworking so that we could make the birdhouse by ourself (finger-crossed!).

We’ve done a bit of further research (or in our terms, field trip :p) to Pasar Burung Sukahaji. As we enters, the sound of a hundred different birds assail the senses. It was the most charming little market full of twittering, fluffy, and cheeping birdies. They were all so adorable and has such lovely colors. As we sightseeing, they’re all chirping from every side of the market. It was fun!

Pasar Burung Sukahaji

People at Pasar Burung Sukahaji

Bird Food

The Birds

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The Cooking Trial Session #2 with Kadura Keramik

Fresh-from-the-oven Wheat Bread with a bowl of creamy Apple-Carrot Soup. Couldn’t get heartier than that. Hence our overblown, jump-out-of-our-seats excitement when we documented Fauzy, Ghia, and Nuri from Kandura Keramik over their baking and cooking trial for their Kitchen Stage performance at Keuken #4, The Jolly Camaraderie. The smell of freshly baked bread inside the oven and the sound of steamy soup in the pot is an effective way of getting our stomach grumbling. The bread turns out to be just the perfect accompaniment for the soup. And it just so happens that when carrot and apple get together, they make some pretty delicious creamy soup. The hardest part will be stopping after one.

They’re gonna bake and cook enough bread and soup for you at Cocktail Hour Session around 3pm-6pm. Prepare yourself for an overly hearty treats from them.

Nuri & Ghia


The Ingredients

Make The Dough


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The Cooking Trial Session #1: Zanun Nurangga x Syagini Ratna Wulan

Last Sunday, we visited Zanun and Syagini’s house to documented their cooking trial of recipes they’ve been preparing for their Kitchen Stage performance at Keuken #4, The Jolly Camaraderie. At first glance, the food was, in our eyes at least, foodgenic. And we can’t quite tell if these bite-sized delicacy would be mind-blowingly awesome or overwhelmingly tasty, but we’re more than willing to do some tasting to find out. Turns out, small things amuse small minds, and small mouthfuls like these ‘Garland’ Cassava Salad, ‘Bluebeard’ Mini Blue Cheese Burger, and ‘Tishbite’ Sandwich Cream can make us very happy indeed.

They’re gonna cook those 3 tasty treats at Merry Nighttime Session around 6pm-9pm. Be there so you can nib some bites and be as happy as our tummy.

The Kitchen #2

Alfalfa Sprouts

Zanun Nurangga

Syagini Ratna Wulan

The Ingredient

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