The Detail

Do you love receiving handwritten letters from a faraway friend, hearty package from your pen-pal or a meaningful postcard from your traveller buddy? Well, we’re sucker for them. Because the fact that your letter would cheer someone up was quite elating.

Well, we assume people still do send them despite all these techie ways of keeping in touch, otherwise post offices would be long gone, right? So we’re thinking, how about making some postcards with the edible theme for Keuken, since we’ll be having the event in less than 2 weeks? To say we thrilled would be an understatement.

The process of making them was much fun. We only prepared 10 bundles for every set. There’s 3 sets of four postcard consist of 1 veggies series and 1 fruits series (there’s 3 different illustration in every series), along with 1 spices and 1 picnic theme included in every pack. And the best part is they’ll be available for sale at Keuken‘s merch stand. We jumped right on in a heartbeat.

10 x 15 cm postcards with address lines
watercolor illustration printed on 250 gsm HVS paper

The Postcard Set #1

The Postcard Set #2

The Postcard Set #3

The Postcards

Preparing The Postcards

The Packaging

The Postcard Set



p.s. We’ll be happy to send you one of our illustrated postcard. Just leave a message with your address on and we’ll send it to you as soon as possible.

Have a great week everyone!

Surprise Stove: An Aftertoon Picnic at Taman Cibeunying

Last Sunday, our friends from KEUKEN held an afternoon picnic Surprise Stove at Cibeunying Park, Bandung. This is a pre-event of KEUKEN #4: The Jolly Camaraderie, that will be held on June  2013.

Even though the weather didn’t look good, black clouds were filling the sky and the rain started to pour at the very start, it didn’t deter the plans. Thankfully the weather held up and the sun came out to play, and we had some lovely picnic weather for the rest of the afternoon. The cooking performance started by the guys from Sharee with their worker soup, TAMARA (Thasa and Rara) made us some churros, open grill by Selaras, the snacks from Eat On, and beverages by Rumble Tea and Lemon Tree. And the best part was, it’s all free! Happy tummy all around :)

It was a little chilly at first, but the food and company made up for it for the rest of the day. A perfect way to spent our Sunday with friends.

The Picnic Bag


The Preparation


more photos after the jump!

Keuken Behind The Scenes at House The House HQ

Me and my co-workers at House The House are currently working on an upcoming KEUKEN #4. In short, KEUKEN is a one-day curated food festival in the public space. It will be held around June and we are preparing for the best, ever!

These are the brains behind KEUKEN. They responsible for everything, from identity to sponsors. Below are some behind-the-scenes snaps when they had a meeting last Friday at House The House HQ.

The Team #1

H. Akbar / Ucok

The Team #3

P. L. Malasan

Untitled #1

The Team #5

The Moodboard

Untitled #2

The Team #4

A. W. Putri

The Identity #1

The Team #7

The Team #6

The Team #2



May The Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day!
May The Fourth Be With You.

Hello Sunshine

We don’t know where you are this Sunday morning, but we’re sitting by a foggy window pane watching the sun slowly comes up and secretly thanking God, Monday is still tomorrow (or is it tomorrow after? :p)

There are a few things that go with the usual Sunday like this. Cups of mint tea, the woolly embrace of our blankie, and a perfect soundtracks for a day of hibernation in the background. A music for those days when you just want to get the weight of the world off your shoulders is to dance it off or else, a reminder for us to slow down for today. When you just want to gently coax out of bed like the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

So sit back, take another sip of tea, and if you like, have a listen to our new mixtape. Happy (lazy) Sunday!

01. Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground
02. Gobbledigook - Sigur Rós
03. Summertime – The Sundays
04. Mornin’ – Star Slinger
05. Talamak – Toro Y Moi
06. Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra
07. Utopian Dream – Pure Saturday
08. You Remind Me of Home – Ben Gibbard
09. Step – Vampire Weekend
10. The Lucky One – Au Revoir Simone
11. You and I – Wilco
12. Regular Town – New Navy
13. Sunny Road – Emiliana Torini
14. Ljósið - Ólafur Arnalds
15. Baibaba Bimba – Tenniscoats

Download Hello Sunshine mixtape here

All music is for sampling purposes only, please buy the artists’ records & support them.


Watercolor illustration by Morrie. “Hello Sunshine” typography by Oslo.