Our Weekend, part three

The best thing about weekend probably to spent the days doing nothing. But we won’t ask you to do the same, because sometimes we just have to alter our mind from having a second attempt to sleep throughout the day on our comfy and warm bed and just get up, pick up your camera and stroll around the city or suburbs or any place really because, I’m quoting one of the best film of all time, the adventure is out there! Yes, it really does because you’ll probably capture something interesting on your little trip with friends and to have those moments preserved makes your weekend a bit special.

So yup, here goes Our Weekend part 3.



Dantra Bintang Utara

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Light & Shadow

Shadows are pretty awesome things. It never ceased to amazed us, with the way it transforms into unique shapes by placing random things under any light (daylight is our favorite) and it follows us around all day every day too which is quite cool. When we on our free time, we love to play with afternoon lights and the shadow of our hands. It’s pretty addictive, we’re thinking to do this often enough when we have some spare time to spent in the afternoon.

Taken by Oslo with Nikon FM2 + Fujicolor C200

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

It always excites us to go somewhere with a very scenic surrounding and having a let’s get lost moment there. This Kampung Naga for example. Gorgeous view and the warmth of the people, this one-of-a-kind culture is very eye and mind pleasing. Morrie went there last week and the presence there was so intoxicating for her it has a certain feeling that linger even when she’s back here already. In a lovely way that is. It’s already become one of her favorite place to go unwind from the busy body of the city.

Here are some of the shoots that she took there and yes, from those shoots and the stories she told me, I’m dying to go there sometimes with her.

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

Let's get lost: Kampung Naga

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Cover for Our Weekend - part 2

Ta-daa! We’re back! Yep, here we are and still doing fine. Hands down, this year probably is the busiest year for both of us, academical way. So we do apologize for the lack of updates here on the blog. Despite hours for papers on day-to-day basis, we always squeezed some time on the weekend, doing what we do (in our opinion that is) best, took a stroll around the city, documenting what we see and feel, together and for Jelly Club‘s third post, we’ve documented one, or maybe a couple, of our so-called-free-time weekends using Nikon FM2n and Olympus XA2.

Here goes, Our Weekend part 2.





Read carefully




Last roll

Part of #JellyClub by JellyPlayground .
Taken with Nikon FM2 & Olympus XA2 + Fujicolor C200

Our Weekend pt. one

Morning Light


Hands Up


The Open Table


Babi Guling



For Jelly Club‘s second post, we’ve documented one of our weekend using Minolta x700. It was lovely, because the sun was up and the day was exciting.

And lastly, Merry Eid Mubarak 1435H and Happy Holiday to you all. May you have a blessed one with your beloved family and friends.

Part of #JellyClub by JellyPlayground .
Taken with Minolta X700 + Fujifilm Superia xtra 400 (Exp. 2009)