P. L. Malasan

Growing up in other country that have different cultures and habits might make this particular friend of ours quite unique. Meet Prananda Luffiansyah Malasan, or Panda. He is Morrie’s friend in college while I’ve known him since 2009 when we were in FOLD up until now in House The House.

Spent his early 7 years of his life in Japan (Maebashi, in Gunma Prefecture, was his neighborhood) making him fluent in Japanese. We always thought he was born there but Panda was born here in Indonesia, precisely in Krueng Geukueh, a small district in Lho’Seumawe, Aceh.

According to him, the experiences and educations he got in Japan is what shaping him now. Discipline is his everyday things, because since elementary school he used to go to school in the morning within 20 km’s with the train ride (Japanese trains and schools are 2 things, beside pretty much everything, known to be always on time in Japan). Even when he’s still at elementary school, he could memorize all the stations names in its path by heart. That is why, he grow fond of the train, until now.

The coolest thing about him, other than growing up in Japan, is having Bosscha Observatory, one the largest telescope in the South East Asia in the backyard. His father is a professor in astronomy and Panda said that his father always encourage him to study and learn new things.


“Wabi-sabi is The Japanese view of life embraced a simple aesthetic that grew stronger as inessentials were eliminated and trimmed away.” – Tadao Ando, Architect


Wabi-sabi is the Japanese’s concept of appreciation and acceptance of imperfection and impermanence (from Kinfolk vol. 8 “Wabi-Sabi Peace” by Louisa Thomsen Brits). This philosophy is applied by Panda in every elements of his life, even in his job and work. Together with his friends from Metronome, Panda is trying to understand that design isn’t mere the end product but there are still processes before that he’s trying to learn and understand. How he can used and maximized the materials as it is, humanized humans, etc. And Keuken act as a medium where he, as a project leader, can experiment with cultures, the human interactions, and design, along with the philosophy itself in it.

When we asked who’s Prananda L. Malasan? He replied “Prananda is just Prananda, who always tried to learn about everything and do something for what it is”.

To us, he is an easy-going but responsible person that always concerned about culture, humanism, and design in a different perspective than to most people. Panda has a dream to become a lecturer and as of this writing, he is on his way in getting his master’s degree on contemporary festivals in Indonesia. Good luck, Panda!

P. L. Malasan

Bosscha Observatory

P. L. Malasan

P. L. Malasan

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