2013 Calendar

Tomorrow we’re gonna start the new day in 2013. Looking back, we still reminisced the day we finally started this. The ideas that became our dreams that came from hours of random conversations. How we finally made one of our dreams visible.

Back in 2012, we grow accustomed with a certain sugary treats, doughnuts! (we feel you, Homer). That with a cup of hot coffee milk, we usually had a break between our hours of busy routines. When laughters and conversations flows and the hours go by seconds, we accused those sugar-rush aftereffect (ha!)

We always wanted to make a calendar for our own and we did, finally (yaiy!). In the spirit of celebration, we want to give you the doughnuts we had all this year, not the real one (believe us, we want to if we could) but we hope these could brighten your day everyday, just like the real donuts do to us. The artworks inspired by our favorite doughnuts and Morrie did the artwork with her favorite media, watercolor.

This will be our last post of the year. We hope that you have a great years ahead and that you end up having a good time whichever way you choose to celebrate. May the new year bring you happiness and many joy to your life.

Here are the printable version of our 2013 calendar, feel free to hang them on your wall just like we do :)


2013 Calendar

Setting up the calendar

January to June

July to December



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