Morrie & Oslo's Desk by Metronome

Our desk is here! Finally we have desk for our workspace together. We’re so happy the final product is translated well by Metronome, exactly the way we wanted. The design inspiration for this desk is created from the simplest of materials and so it happen that in each of Metronome’s product ranges, they celebrates raw materials and careful craftsmanship. Match-made in heaven we’d say!

These are some of our desk snapshots that we secretly wish, if only we could keep ours like this during deadline. As you can see, the left part is Morrie’s part of the desk, while the right part is for Oslo. And if you noticed, we only have 1 chair for the desk. Well we’re on a search for a perfect chair to accompany the one we already have. Metronome’s work once again, that is :)

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Our Perfect Desk. By Metronome

We always dreamed for a perfect desk for our workspace. A simple one, made from wood, not too big but compact enough to store all of our books, but with a twist. We’ve been searching for some inspirations in the past weeks and after hours of web-browsing, blog-walking, Etsy-drooling, Pinterest-admiring, we finally found inspirations that translate all the elements that we want in our desk (hooray!). And the best part of it, the kind folks from Metronome help us make our dream desk happen. We squealed of happiness.

Last week we visited their workshop, and we’re lucky enough to see how the desk made. We’re so excited to see it finished and can’t wait to share the final look to you all!

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