Late Night Drive Mixtape

We always have this peculiar feeling when we’re driving late at night. To embrace the whim of the weather because the sky can be unpredictable. The night can be still or breezy, drizzle or even a thunderstorm. But it was always exceptional when the night is clear, to feel the cold wind if you let the windows down, the sight of stars overhead transforms whatever road you’ve travelled on into a tiny twinkling marvelous constellation and to finally slow things down in order to focus and be in that moment.

And as the weather grows colder and the time is reaching 12, we always choose to play some songs that can makes us lose ourself in the sounds and keeping good company while we reminisce the day inside the car, or with the headphone when we’re on a bike. So we compiled these songs for that times when you’re behind the steer late at night before the sun is up, alone or better yet with company. Either way we hope this mixtape could accompany you on the road as you travelled back home.

Good night and safe driving, everyone!

01. Skeleton Dance – Teleman
02. Latch (feat. Sam Smith) – Disclosure
03. Lari 100 (radio version) – The Sastro
04. Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men
05. Closer Than This – St. Lucia
06. Got To Give It Up (Part 1) – Marvin Gaye
07. Deep Night – Sonny Clark
08. Inside and Out – Feist
09. With You – Tennyson
10. So Close – Tom Misch & Carmody
11. Hello – SoulChef
12. 3 Days – Rhye
13. Harvest Moon – Neil Young
14. Pulang – Float
15. Photograph – Arcade Fire

Download Late Night Drive mixtape here

All music is for sampling purposes only, please buy the artists’ records & support them.


Oslo’s photograph, somewhere in Bandung (2013)