Holla! How everybody’s doing? It’s been busy weeks for us here with our own stacks of works to do and the constant daily reminder of being adult and its routines became less and less fun to deal with. We blame the so-called quarter life crisis.

Obviously, we are older and have to deal with much more mature things now, but there’s still something so pleasingly delightful of having one day off as a grownups, forget all the responsibilities and consequences, and relived the total fun of being a kid, once again.

Here’s a little song for all fellow kid-at-hearts alike.

Happy National Children’s Day to all the kids here in Indonesia. May all the joy and optimism will always live in your hearts.


Morrie’s photograph taken at Nusa Dua, Bali (2009). Holga 120CFN + Kodak Ektacolor


We are having a short holiday. (yaiy!!) Despite of our busy routine, we slipped a few days for a break from all-day-raining-hard weather in our city and fulfill our longing for sunny-izzy-breezy-by-the-sea weather. It means we will be taking a lot of pictures there and we can’t wait to share all of ‘em with you.

So does Charles Eames says, “Take your pleasure seriously“. We will Mr. Eames, we will :)


Morrie’s photograph taken at Kuta Beach, Bali (2009). Holga 120CFN + Kodak Ektacolor

Dreamland Beach

It’s been a busy week for us. Me with my own things doing that and Morrie with her things doing those. We imagined ourself laying on a sandy beach in one sunny afternoon, sipping on watermelon juice and just enjoying our togetherness.

Morrie’s photograph taken at Dreamland Beach, Bali (2009). Holga 120CFN + Kodak Ektacolor