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The Travel Almanac 5th Edition

It’s that time of the year when we start dreaming of one perfect holiday. Instead of being trapped in a big chunks of boring daily routine, we’d rather have the sand between our toes and the feel of foreign scents in the air.

So it’s no surprise that we came across this particular travel zine while having a quick holiday escape in the world wide web. It’s a little case of a-love-at-the-first-sight-with-the-cover kinda thing (we already mentioned on our previous post before, we’re the judge-the-book-by-its-cover people. Literally). We’re getting inspired by its contents and their way of interviewing. But then again, it’s still a rather cool reminder for having a sudden trip somewhere exciting. Another must have good reads on our shelf :)

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Kinfolk Vol. 6

We can’t say enough how much we love the perspective of Kinfolk, the idea of gathering with friends and the amazing photography. For us, Kinfolk isn’t just a magazine, but really is a journal.

We were curious about Kinfolk since we read the posts in their blog and we decided to bought Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 at once, because vol. 1 is already sold out :(. It finally came after a few weeks and we fell in love with it. We love the moments they’ve captured, simplicity, pleasure, warmth, nature, and the everyday. Since then, Kinfolk became an inspirations for us. Kinfolk embodies the spirit of gathering, visiting, enjoying meals with friends and family. It reminds us to slow down and enjoy life’s quiet moments.


 ”We grew up unaware that our yearly routines were sowing and tending traditions.  The rituals engulfed and enveloped us, and our youthful naiveté told us that this was just life – how our holidays were done.  Only with age, and a healthy dose of selflessness, have we seen that this rhythm of delight and anticipation is the careful and thoughtful product of a family or parents that want to experience life together” – Rebecca Parker Payne for Kinfolk, Vol. 6, p.41


And this very morning, our Kinfolk Vol. 6 arrived (finally!!) and it’s quite the sight for sore eyes, you must pick one up and see for yourself. Kinfolk is definitely best enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or a pot of tea, by the fire or under a warm blankie :)

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6


p.s: to complete our collection, does anybody willing to sell their Kinfolk Vol. 1? :p

Seasons by Donna Hay

We love the photogenic food photos. Clean styling, warm lighting, smart use of props, and of course the food itself. The photo is so good, you can’t handle yourself for not licking the picture (figuratively speaking, of course :p)

Couple of months ago, we stumbled on this recipe book at BookDepository when it’s on 50% sale (lucky us!). We fell in love with the cover (we are the “judge the book by its cover” people) and bought one instantly. After waiting for weeks, it finally came and we just can’t take our eyes off it’s every pages. It’s so beautiful and some of the recipes are quite simple even though, not all the ingredients they used in the book are available in our country (sad face).

Seasons (2009)
Author: Donna Hay
Publisher: Hardie Grant


Here are some of the pages we willingly share to you all. It didn’t give justice to the book because all of its pages are so damn beautiful, you should see it yourself.


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