VSCO Cam app is a favorite of many regular iPhone snapper, Instagrammer or even, a professional photographer. With its lovely film presets and easy editing tools, it will turn your every day photos into something quite amazing.

Couple of months ago, the most exciting update from VSCO, VSCO Grid, were published. A free minimalist publishing platform for people to showcase their mobile photography, integrated with preset from VSCO Cam app, and by simply providing a cleanly designed portfolio of sorts for display purposes to differentiate it with other photo-sharing media.


“While we are interested in genuine, human connections, VSCO Grid™ is not a social network. You’ll notice an absence of standard social network fare: comments, reblogs, number of followers, etc. We hope people discover new creatives and their work, but VSCO Grid™ is focused on craft, curation and content, and less on followers and likes.”


After a long wait for our account to be accepted, we’re finally in! These are some snaps from our Grid account (morrieandoslo.vsco.co)

Oh and if you’re using VSCO Grid too, drop us a link to your feed. We would love to check out your cool works!