Morrie & Oslo: Two better than one

People said that you have to travel solo to learn about yourself

“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more.”
Thomas Jefferson

But to be honest, traveling together is more fun than alone, especially with your better half. There are more new things/experiences that you can share, you learn how to compromise with each other and be more patience as well as to learn more about each other, and the most important thing is you have your own photographer! :)

“The journey is better when you have someone to share it with, because you get to be yourself and share yourself.”
- Unknown

“Happiness is only real, when shared”
- Christopher McCandless

And yes, we couldn’t agree more.
So when it comes to traveling, two is always better than one.

Bali, March 2016

Morrie & Oslo: Two better than one

Morrie & Oslo: Two better than one

Morrie & Oslo: Two better than one

Morrie & Oslo: Two better than one

More from our trip in sunny island

We Found: Seashells

Morrie loves beach so much, she always have soft spot for anything summer. Getting all excited like a kid with a cheerful smile, she could spent hours playing in the beach.

The first beach we went to is Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali. Since we didn’t bring our swimsuits, Morrie decided to walk along the beach, play with the waves and found some seashells (she picks some of them for herself), while I took some photographs (mostly of her :p).

Walk Along The Beach

The Local Canine

Found Some Seashells

The Seashells

These are the seashells Morrie collected from Echo Beach, my favorite is the spiral one, with the brown lines around it. :)

Taken with Yashica FX-3 2000, Canon PowerShot.


We are having a short holiday. (yaiy!!) Despite of our busy routine, we slipped a few days for a break from all-day-raining-hard weather in our city and fulfill our longing for sunny-izzy-breezy-by-the-sea weather. It means we will be taking a lot of pictures there and we can’t wait to share all of ‘em with you.

So does Charles Eames says, “Take your pleasure seriously“. We will Mr. Eames, we will :)


Morrie’s photograph taken at Kuta Beach, Bali (2009). Holga 120CFN + Kodak Ektacolor

Kinfolk Vol. 6

We can’t say enough how much we love the perspective of Kinfolk, the idea of gathering with friends and the amazing photography. For us, Kinfolk isn’t just a magazine, but really is a journal.

We were curious about Kinfolk since we read the posts in their blog and we decided to bought Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 at once, because vol. 1 is already sold out :(. It finally came after a few weeks and we fell in love with it. We love the moments they’ve captured, simplicity, pleasure, warmth, nature, and the everyday. Since then, Kinfolk became an inspirations for us. Kinfolk embodies the spirit of gathering, visiting, enjoying meals with friends and family. It reminds us to slow down and enjoy life’s quiet moments.


 ”We grew up unaware that our yearly routines were sowing and tending traditions.  The rituals engulfed and enveloped us, and our youthful naiveté told us that this was just life – how our holidays were done.  Only with age, and a healthy dose of selflessness, have we seen that this rhythm of delight and anticipation is the careful and thoughtful product of a family or parents that want to experience life together” – Rebecca Parker Payne for Kinfolk, Vol. 6, p.41


And this very morning, our Kinfolk Vol. 6 arrived (finally!!) and it’s quite the sight for sore eyes, you must pick one up and see for yourself. Kinfolk is definitely best enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or a pot of tea, by the fire or under a warm blankie :)

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6

Kinfolk Vol. 6


p.s: to complete our collection, does anybody willing to sell their Kinfolk Vol. 1? :p

The Sweet Escape

Traveling is one of our favorite things in the entire world and the thought of getting on a plane to go somewhere anywhere always excites us. With our head resting on the window, staring out at the clouds, we imagined we go somewhere with a sunny feeling to it. We were driving around the town on one of those perfect almost-summer days, where the most important thing on our to-do list is eating gelato by the sea (we always had a massive soft spot for anything summer).

Well, these days doesn’t fail to be delightfully miserable weather wise as far as our memory serves (do mind the countless hours of heavy rain these past months). So, we couldn’t resist temptation and created an inspired spring mix to kick off this holiday season that can rescued us during that almost unbearable weather. We listened to this a few times and it perfectly accompanied Oslo’s quiet day catching up on work and me caught up on piles of assignments at home (duh!). Pretty sure this would be an excellent mix to play on a road-trip too, if we have one (boo-hoo). Yep, we decided not to go anywhere this holiday due to our hectic weeks (deadlines, exams, assignments, and so on and on and on….. blah!)

Still, in the spirit of celebration and giving, we hope this music mix sets off your holiday on a good note. Have a great one!

01. We Bought a Zoo – Jonsi
02. Keep The Car Running – Arcade Fire
03. Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons
04. I Need a Dollar – Aloe Blacc
05. Rum Hee – Shugo Tokumaru
06. Bundle of Joy – Mocca
07. New Fabled Stories – Giorgio Tuma
08. Ballad du Paris - Francois Parisi
09. Postcards From Italy (Beirut Cover) – Florence The Machine
10. Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
11. Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul Simon
12. Tower – Bon Iver
13. Enemy (Worst Friends Light Leak Mix) – Jack Johnson
14. I Love Penny Sue – Daniel May
15. Christmas Time is Here – Mayer Hawthorne

Download The Sweet Escape mixtape here

All music is for sampling purposes only, please buy the artists’ records & support them.


Oslo’s photograph, somewhere in Bandung (2011)