Bird House Project: Site Visit

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”
-Chinese Proverb


Birds are fairly self-sufficient creatures really. Some kind of birds able to migrate across the country with little more than a few flaps of their wings, while some of the domestic ones prefer to hop along every trees and grass in our backyard for a bite. And just like us, our birdie buddies would appreciate a comfortable bed to crash in now and then.

Right at the middle of the year, when the sky is clear, the sun is shinning brightly and our feathered friends are chirping from the nearest trees, we got an invitation to participate in Bird House Project. This is an initiative project, launched by House The House and collaboration with U&KL. The event launching exhibition will be on July 6, 2013, at U&KL Eco Forestry Area, Jalan Gudang Selatan no 88 Bandung.


“A small celebration of the city’s design and creative scene by the means of its interaction to the city environment, with designed bird houses as a medium, inviting numbers of architects, designers, and artists from broad Indonesian creative base. Along with the notion of exceeding development within our urban surroundings, Bird House Project projected to remind these tomorrow’s people on the importance of constructing and planning such humble habitat placed not solely for humans’ use.”


Below are some of the photos of participant meeting and technical briefing, last Friday when we visited the site.

Technical Briefing #2

Technical Briefing #1

Bird House Project Logo

U&KL Eco Forestry Area


The Meeting

"We Build This City"

The Prototype

BHP Invitation


Logo, illustration, and graphic of invitation courtesy of House The House

Keuken Behind The Scenes at House The House HQ

Me and my co-workers at House The House are currently working on an upcoming KEUKEN #4. In short, KEUKEN is a one-day curated food festival in the public space. It will be held around June and we are preparing for the best, ever!

These are the brains behind KEUKEN. They responsible for everything, from identity to sponsors. Below are some behind-the-scenes snaps when they had a meeting last Friday at House The House HQ.

The Team #1

H. Akbar / Ucok

The Team #3

P. L. Malasan

Untitled #1

The Team #5

The Moodboard

Untitled #2

The Team #4

A. W. Putri

The Identity #1

The Team #7

The Team #6

The Team #2