Sail Away With Me

It’s February and the smell of love is in the air. I must admit, I’m not a fan for the infamous celebration-of-love-day myself and neither is Oslo, so no cards, roses or chocolates at 14th of February for us. But it still nice to feel all the love around.

There are many lovely things happens these days. Our friends engagement is one of ‘em (see our previous post). And since love is practically everywhere, we decided to give you a special treat made especially for you (and yours). These are some of our favorite love-related tunes, not too cheesy and a little less sappy for our taste, to commemorate all the love we give and get everyday. We hope that you could share it with your loved ones, family and friends or maybe even some of those that need a little el-oh-vee-ee in their lives. If you’re not in the lovey-dovey mood yet, we hope this one will get you there.

Happy (every)day of hearts, everyone! :)

01. Everyday – Buddy Holly
02. When I Go – Slow Club
03. The Sweetest Thing – Camera Obscura
04. Mint Car – The Cure
05. Island – Nujabes ft. Uyama Hiroto & Haruka Nakamura
06. Reflection Eternal (Nujabes Cover) – Clammbon ft. Yamazaki/Mino/Yamane (toe)
07. To Be Alone With You – Sufjan Stevens
08. Crying (Roy Orbison Cover) – The Morning Benders
09. Me In You – Kings of Convenience
10. Open – Rhye
11. No Fruits For Today – Sore
12. I’m In Love – Aretha Franklin
13. Stand By Me – Ben E. King
14. 5 Years Time – Noah and The Whale

Download Sail Away With Me mixtape here

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Morrie’s photograph, at Rumah Buku (2012)

The Sweet Escape

Traveling is one of our favorite things in the entire world and the thought of getting on a plane to go somewhere anywhere always excites us. With our head resting on the window, staring out at the clouds, we imagined we go somewhere with a sunny feeling to it. We were driving around the town on one of those perfect almost-summer days, where the most important thing on our to-do list is eating gelato by the sea (we always had a massive soft spot for anything summer).

Well, these days doesn’t fail to be delightfully miserable weather wise as far as our memory serves (do mind the countless hours of heavy rain these past months). So, we couldn’t resist temptation and created an inspired spring mix to kick off this holiday season that can rescued us during that almost unbearable weather. We listened to this a few times and it perfectly accompanied Oslo’s quiet day catching up on work and me caught up on piles of assignments at home (duh!). Pretty sure this would be an excellent mix to play on a road-trip too, if we have one (boo-hoo). Yep, we decided not to go anywhere this holiday due to our hectic weeks (deadlines, exams, assignments, and so on and on and on….. blah!)

Still, in the spirit of celebration and giving, we hope this music mix sets off your holiday on a good note. Have a great one!

01. We Bought a Zoo – Jonsi
02. Keep The Car Running – Arcade Fire
03. Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons
04. I Need a Dollar – Aloe Blacc
05. Rum Hee – Shugo Tokumaru
06. Bundle of Joy – Mocca
07. New Fabled Stories – Giorgio Tuma
08. Ballad du Paris - Francois Parisi
09. Postcards From Italy (Beirut Cover) – Florence The Machine
10. Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
11. Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul Simon
12. Tower – Bon Iver
13. Enemy (Worst Friends Light Leak Mix) – Jack Johnson
14. I Love Penny Sue – Daniel May
15. Christmas Time is Here – Mayer Hawthorne

Download The Sweet Escape mixtape here

All music is for sampling purposes only, please buy the artists’ records & support them.


Oslo’s photograph, somewhere in Bandung (2011)