Büro Destruct in Bandung

Oh what a dull life it would be without graphic designers. No typography, pretty posters or eye-friendly book-covers layouts? We’re feeling a little dreary just thinking about it.

Three cheers then for the folk at Büro Destruct, who spend their days turning creative ideas into full-blown design-y types. They run some pretty great graphic design studio from their hometown, Bern, the capital city of Switzerland and they pretty much live up to their great history as one of the most sought after graphic design studio in the world. They design some of the most well known typography for pretty much everything. From posters for events to children books illustrations, even Radiohead use one of Büro Destruct’s font for their Kid A cover album. Pretty cool, eh?

We’re lucky enough to came to their Small City Big Design Lecture last Friday at Maja House. Lopetz and Fideljus showed some of Büro Destruct’s works from 1994 till present. Along with another guest speakers like Danny Wicaksono, Ismail Reza, and Herry “Ucok” Sutresna, the round table discussions between the speakers were engagingly inspiring!


HOMESESSION001 is an event hosted by NorrmU&KL (UNKL347′s furniture division), and House The House. It was held last Saturday at a formerly military ammunition storage transformed into UNKL347’s headquarter office, located on Jalan Gudang Selatan 88.


“The main reason of why we try to start Home Session is the feeling of ease, openness, classlessness, and deep-seated concerns to value our surrounding through simple things, like small gathering and music. Home Session is a space that allows us to view aspects from a rather intimate scale, or sometimes might just be a weekend visit to someone’s place, someone’s house, someone’s backyard, with cameras, and few records, that could be bringing us up to some nice conversations and pleasure.”


HOMESESSION001 hosted a furniture exhibition featuring design creations by some of Bandung’s designer. Including U&KL, Artes Indonesia, Goodwood & Carpenter Co, Zanun Nurangga, Metronome, Kandura, Meizan Nataadiningrat, etc it brought together a whole bunch of different approach in furniture designs with some good tunes from Dxxxt, Egga, Rekti from Bhang Records, and Bergas. On the other side, POP-UP KITCHEN by SURPRISE STOVE prepared by Keni Soeriaatmadja (Bin Ukon) and Arifin Windarman & Lukman Gunawan (Open Table). Free foodies for all the first getter! (Bin Ukon’s Smoked Chicken is heavenly, we fell in love at the first bite)

We dragged ourselves there and it was pretty brilliant that it actually cured our headache caused by traffic (weekend traffic that is!) HOMESESSION001 is a combination of three things that we, heck, everybody love; good designs, great foods, and best musics to spent your Saturday, getting inspired by.

If you by any chance missed the event, have a glance past their web for more info and details about Home Session. See you on the next visit! :)

Let's Live With Art

Wall Decor by Artes Living


House The House

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Early this year, Ardo Ardhana from Normal-Form offered us to be one of the blog’s contributors. The contents are about photography, music, culture, event, architecture, and general interest. It’s such an honor to take part in this project.

We shared our 2013 calendar from our blog as our first post.  For the next posts we’re gonna make something entirely different. It’s gonna be fun! :)


Normal-Form is a collective based in Bandung, Indonesia, set up in 2011. The variety of background has lead products practice to emphasize on the close collaboration between diverse disciplines. Normal-Form works with projects ranging from print, book publishing, exhibition design, film, events and educational workshops.

We also run a small medium that contain doses of daily information that covering Music, Art and Design, Lifestyle, and Miscellaneous Information. Beside that, please check our small store at our home page. Normal-Form evolved from an overwhelming obsession and passion for well-designed objects.

We provide a wide range curated collection of used, new old stock items, and sometimes hard to find products that are hand-picked for their superb level of design and quality. This includes the best independent local brands. Only high quality goods sought after, we’re very picky when it comes to this, so you can always expect a consistent standard in what we offer.


p.s: Check out the store and all the vintage things they have. Wish-list!! (we crave anything old-school)


Norrm’s artwork from