S. A. Yudomartono

We have a lot of friends that inspired us with their passion, one of them is Satryo Aryobimo Yudomartono. Bimo for short. Me and Bimo went to the same elementary school together and Morrie knew him in junior high.

He learnt music since he was a little and started playing piano, flute, guitar, etc but found his passion in violin. Now, he’s studying strings at Conservatoire à Rayonement Régional de Boulogne-Billancourt. He’s an Indonesian whose lucky enough to study in one of the best conservatories in Paris.

From what he told us, he has a dream to improve music (especially strings) education in Indonesia. Thus, he always held a recital here in Indonesia every year, started from 2011. After the recital, he shared his knowledge in a workshop for everyone who has an interest in violin and viola (do you know the difference between those two?). He played with some of the well-known musicians, such as Joe Hisaishi (envy!), François-Xavier Roth, Kwamé Ryan, Guillaume Tournier, and Amanda Palmer, as one of the strings in orchestra.

For us, he’s a real good friend. He can always makes us laugh because of his presence that can lit-up any room, a cheerful yet witty guy. He promised to come back again this year. Au revoir, Bimo!

S. A. Yudomartono

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