L. W. Hartono

Meet Lukie Widya Hartono, others called him Lukie. He’s my co-worker at work, so I’ve known him for 2 years now. He’s known for being a vocalist-guitarist of Spring Summer, a pop-ballad band from Bandung. Some of their songs featured on international music compilations, such as Series Two Compilation (USA) and Day to Embrace (THAI). They recently released their EP, “The Additional Ears” (my favorite track is “Small Things Act Like A Giant”).

He graduated from Interior Design major at ITENAS (and he became the first bachelor in interior design that graduated in just 4 years with a GPA above 3.45). He works daily as senior interior designer at House The House and owns a workshop that he inherit from his late father, speciality in wood-making (you can make chair, table, stool, etc made from wood). In his earlier year in college, he and his friend made Jogarworks, a design workshop speciality in wood and resin. One of their works is Minak Djinggo sculpture in Sukabumi, West Java.


“What makes me like this now is because of my father”.


Unlike other father-son stereotype relationship, he had a very special bond with his deceased father. His father taught him about life, love (he told us the story about how Lukie ends up having two girlfriends when he’s still in junior high, it’s all because of what his father did then), courage, truthfulness, and of course music. His father worked as an architect and one of his masterpiece is Preanger Hotel in Bandung, but he played as a bassist in his band back then. The first song his father taught him is Michelle by The Beatles.

Lukie has a dream to become a teacher, because he likes to teach kids anything like music, drawing, etc. For us he’s a very kind person, humorist and we could rely on him. We hope he could live up to his dream and will meet his plus-one as soon as possible, amen! :p

L. W. Hartono

L. W. Hartono

L. W. Hartono

L. W. Hartono

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Let's Get Lost: Bali #1

Om Swastyastu*,

How are you, people? We’re home! The holiday was fun and the best part is we visited some new places we never been before in Bali. We traveled along with my co-worker from House The House, some of them is also Morrie’s friends from college.

Airport Bus

Radit & Panda


Deus Ex Machina

The Three Beach Boys


Echo Beach

PotatoHead Beach Club


At Echo Beach, Morrie found seashells and she took some of them as a reminder of beautiful beaches in Bali. See Morrie’s seashells in our upcoming post! :)

Om Swastyastu is a Balinese greeting, (roughly) means “peace and greetings from God”  /  Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, Pentax K1000, and Canon Powershot