People. From Behind.

We like to capture things or moments just as they are. To focus on little details that might ordinarily get overlooked. We are most interested by people within environments and to photograph them doing things, either in their homes or in the outside.

Throughout the day everyday, as we pass people on the street, bump into someone in the coffee shop, or even encounter strangers on the bus, we always love to visualize them in our mind. Who they are, what they do, where they go to, what they bring, etc. It’s quite interesting to pretend that we know them and to capture them exactly in the moment.

Most people photographs people from the front to show their expressions but for us, there are certain details that somehow a little intimate and quite interesting when you photograph people from behind. It’s pretty much our attempt on portrait with a different point of view.

Here are some of the strangers that we encountered around us. These people kind of reminds us to slow down, to enjoy every second of the day in the present moment because nothing will ever look the same ever again. Every second is different, and we think that’s what we love about it.

People. From Behind.

People. From Behind.

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The Detail

Do you love receiving handwritten letters from a faraway friend, hearty package from your pen-pal or a meaningful postcard from your traveller buddy? Well, we’re sucker for them. Because the fact that your letter would cheer someone up was quite elating.

Well, we assume people still do send them despite all these techie ways of keeping in touch, otherwise post offices would be long gone, right? So we’re thinking, how about making some postcards with the edible theme for Keuken, since we’ll be having the event in less than 2 weeks? To say we thrilled would be an understatement.

The process of making them was much fun. We only prepared 10 bundles for every set. There’s 3 sets of four postcard consist of 1 veggies series and 1 fruits series (there’s 3 different illustration in every series), along with 1 spices and 1 picnic theme included in every pack. And the best part is they’ll be available for sale at Keuken‘s merch stand. We jumped right on in a heartbeat.

10 x 15 cm postcards with address lines
watercolor illustration printed on 250 gsm HVS paper

The Postcard Set #1

The Postcard Set #2

The Postcard Set #3

The Postcards

Preparing The Postcards

The Packaging

The Postcard Set



p.s. We’ll be happy to send you one of our illustrated postcard. Just leave a message with your address on and we’ll send it to you as soon as possible.

Have a great week everyone!