When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo /

Watching the sky outside is mostly an exercise in wonder. The feeling of grass under our feet and the sight of darkening sky with burnt orange hues. The day can be still or breezy; it will soon be just a memory.

Capturing the sky on film is about embracing the unpredictable weather. The grey clouds pile up around the golden sun, poured down from the sky at the end of the day for the night is upon us. These series are our attempt to replicate the experience. So, let us enjoy all the beautiful sky every day while we can.

This sets of sky were captured in several days on January 2015 at exactly 5.30-6pm.

When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo /

When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo /

When the sun has set by Morrie & Oslo /

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Current mood….

Taken by Morrie
EOS 5 + Fujifilm Superia 200 Exp. 2008

Our Weekend, part three

The best thing about weekend probably to spent the days doing nothing. But we won’t ask you to do the same, because sometimes we just have to alter our mind from having a second attempt to sleep throughout the day on our comfy and warm bed and just get up, pick up your camera and stroll around the city or suburbs or any place really because, I’m quoting one of the best film of all time, the adventure is out there! Yes, it really does because you’ll probably capture something interesting on your little trip with friends and to have those moments preserved makes your weekend a bit special.

So yup, here goes Our Weekend part 3.



Dantra Bintang Utara

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Our Weekend pt. one

Morning Light


Hands Up


The Open Table


Babi Guling



For Jelly Club‘s second post, we’ve documented one of our weekend using Minolta x700. It was lovely, because the sun was up and the day was exciting.

And lastly, Merry Eid Mubarak 1435H and Happy Holiday to you all. May you have a blessed one with your beloved family and friends.

Part of #JellyClub by JellyPlayground .
Taken with Minolta X700 + Fujifilm Superia xtra 400 (Exp. 2009)

Let's Get Lost: Sydney

Morrie had just come back from her short trip in Sydney and boy oh boy, did she learning to love that city. She absolutely adore the architectures of the town,especially around Paddington and Darlinghurst area. It has that whole urban-slash-vintage quirkiness that so appeals to her. All the friendly greetings from the locals, the neighborhood parks, their spic-and-span buses, and the finger-lickin foods were some of the things she said that really made her trip memorable. And the thing that always gets her about the birds in Sydney are all these parrots and seagulls flying around loose and being all native and free. It’s unnatural!

She loved to hit the pavement and started walking, it’s one of the best ways to get around town and really become immersed in the local life. She walked up along the Oxford Street and made a pleasant walk through scenic alleyways and quiet streets lined with terraces, artists studios, boutiques, sidewalk cafes and many local bookstores up to the Hyde Park. Sydney really grabbed a hold of her heart. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Below are some of the photos that she snapped whilst being all touristy :p

The Bus


Hey, there!



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