surprise stove

Surprise Stove at Taman Centrum, Bandung

The countdown to Keuken #5 is swiftly ticking by, and we’re waiting with giddy anticipation because we know it’s going to be merry. As we slowly approaching the D-day, the guys on Keuken made another pre-event for Kekeun #5 to spent your Sunday with. The second Surprise Stove with BDG Foodtruck at Taman Musik was held a couple of weeks ago and it was fun, multiple it by three. Everybody was lining up for free treats by Poyo and Dim Sum Soe and the crowds slowly filled the park as it is part of Pasar Seni’s live band audition. Good food and amazing music, what’s not to love?

Surprise Stove at Taman Centrum, Bandung

Surprise Stove at Taman Centrum, Bandung

Surprise Stove at Taman Centrum, Bandung

Surprise Stove at Taman Centrum, Bandung

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Surprise Stove at U&KL Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a good food? Us in particularly, crave them. So, when Surprise Stove is happening (they always have some delicious foods plus a very exciting music around), it must be on our must-go list. No matter where and when. Like this last week Surprise Stove on UNKL Store for example. The warm and tasty foods and a nice ambience they provided attracts a crowd of people.

That day was fulfilling, for both the fun times and our happy tummy. All of the yummy goodness were cooked by Chef Arifin from U&KL Kitchen and the music ambience were from the DJ Booth featuring Egga, Melody, Faza and T.A.H. This was the first SS for Keuken #5: City Hall Fairground that is going to happen in a couple of weeks from now. To say that we’re excited would be an understatement.

Oh and there’s another Surprise Stove today (4/10) at Taman Musik, that start from 9AM. Come and spend your weekend time with us!

Surprise Stove at U&KL Kitchen

Surprise Stove at U&KL Kitchen

Surprise Stove at U&KL Kitchen

Surprise Stove at U&KL Kitchen

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Surprise Stove: An Aftertoon Picnic at Taman Cibeunying

Last Sunday, our friends from KEUKEN held an afternoon picnic Surprise Stove at Cibeunying Park, Bandung. This is a pre-event of KEUKEN #4: The Jolly Camaraderie, that will be held on June  2013.

Even though the weather didn’t look good, black clouds were filling the sky and the rain started to pour at the very start, it didn’t deter the plans. Thankfully the weather held up and the sun came out to play, and we had some lovely picnic weather for the rest of the afternoon. The cooking performance started by the guys from Sharee with their worker soup, TAMARA (Thasa and Rara) made us some churros, open grill by Selaras, the snacks from Eat On, and beverages by Rumble Tea and Lemon Tree. And the best part was, it’s all free! Happy tummy all around :)

It was a little chilly at first, but the food and company made up for it for the rest of the day. A perfect way to spent our Sunday with friends.

The Picnic Bag


The Preparation


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Surprise Stove

We’re excited about this! The guys from KEUKEN will make you yet another Surprise Stove. This time, geeknick from LOOKATS Market, How To Cook Worker Food from sharee and The Surprising Soemo by Selaras Open Grill will enliven your leisure time at Taman Cibeunying. Isn’t that a perfect excuse to scoot around and gather at the park all in picnic-like fancies this Sunday afternoon? Yes please, we’d say.

If you want to know more about the previous Surprise Stove, simply scroll down the page for our post of Surprise Stove: Open Picnic at Taman Cempaka or you could check some of the videos below.

It’s really time for another merry Surprise Stove indeed. See you all there!


Image and videos courtesy of Keuken

Surprise Stove: Open Picnic

About a year ago, we went to KEUKEN‘s very first Open Picnic at Taman Cempaka. The day was surprisingly pleasant. When a casual get together in such a vast park with various different sections where you could find a nice spot to scooted around and parked your picnic rug, shared along a basket of homemade food, served with a glass of fresh lemonade tea is an actual kind of happiness. The rays of sunshine penetrating through the vast leaves from the nearby trees, the smell of grass and the sound of warm conversations along with good tunes gathered us together.

With cooking performance from Chef Downey a.k.a. Arifin Windarman, photography workshop from Taman Fotografi, Diet Kantong Plastik Campaign, Ngabring Biking gathering from Bike.Bdg and everybody else contributed for a leisure day under the cool shade. There is nothing more pleasurable than spend your weekend picnicking with friends and enjoying a nice breezy afternoon in the park.

Take a day off, gather close.

The Trees


Jam Session


Sakti Nuzan

The People

Chef Downey

Chef Downey

The People

Ariana H. R.

Citra Kemala

Raditya Ardianto T.

The People

The Cameras


Taken with Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 / Video courtesy of Keuken