The Cooking Trial Session #2 with Kadura Keramik

Fresh-from-the-oven Wheat Bread with a bowl of creamy Apple-Carrot Soup. Couldn’t get heartier than that. Hence our overblown, jump-out-of-our-seats excitement when we documented Fauzy, Ghia, and Nuri from Kandura Keramik over their baking and cooking trial for their Kitchen Stage performance at Keuken #4, The Jolly Camaraderie. The smell of freshly baked bread inside the oven and the sound of steamy soup in the pot is an effective way of getting our stomach grumbling. The bread turns out to be just the perfect accompaniment for the soup. And it just so happens that when carrot and apple get together, they make some pretty delicious creamy soup. The hardest part will be stopping after one.

They’re gonna bake and cook enough bread and soup for you at Cocktail Hour Session around 3pm-6pm. Prepare yourself for an overly hearty treats from them.

Nuri & Ghia


The Ingredients

Make The Dough


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