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Jajanan Pasar / Traditional Snacks


Amanda Amelia

Amanda Amelia


Freddy Chrisswantra / Kijing

19 January 2013,
We’re so happy, Mia and Kijing finally got engaged. Can’t wait for their big day!

Taken with Pentax K1000 and Yashica FX3 Super + Kodak Colorplus

Breakfast in The Woods

Last Saturday, me and Morrie planned to have a breakfast outdoor and we decided to go to Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda. It was Morrie’s first time to go there, so we explored the forest a bit and documented some of natures best with our analog camera.

If you’re wondering, why we carry an old-school beauty case to the forest? Well, we had an idea to use this vintage case as a picnic bag and turns out, it was quite roomy for a loft of garlic breads, pack of cheese, some cutleries and cups for two :)

Pine fruit

Our picnic "bag"


The foods

The breakfast



The woods #1

The woods #2

We enjoyed our homemade garlic breads while having the warmest conversations throughout the day surrounded by trees. It was a lovely morning spent with my lovely partner.